The NBA’s New Era

Joshua Duran, Staff Writer

This year’s NBA off-season has been full of rumors, big trades and an unexpected free agency. There are many familiar faces in new places that can lead their team to be the 2020 champion.

There is plenty of talent in this year’s draft, including upcoming superstars like Zion Williamson. Many teams, like the Brooklyn Nets, got the players that they needed to take them to the next level, and some teams like the Charlotte Hornets are still in the rebuilding process. There are rookies of all positions to watch; some are bringing new mindsets to a team, and others are bringing a whole new offense. 

Two-time NBA Champion Kawhi Leonard was by far the most-watched free agent. No one knew where he was going until the last minute when he signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. Leonard managed to recruit sharpshooter Paul George to the Clippers, where they are highly favored to win the championship. Andy Bailey, a writer for Bleacher Report states, “The Clippers now have star power at the top, but it could be their depth that really makes them dangerous.”

Another big name was Anthony Davis, joining the Los Angeles Lakers with Lebron James. This team has a lot of big names, which they traded young, talented players for. Sebastian Taylor, a McAuliffe eighth-grader, believes, “The Lakers giving away their entire young core for [Anthony Davis] wasn’t smart.” 

Many other superstars left desperate teams this year, and there’s no way to determine who improved the most this off-season. Multiple teams appear to have bright futures this season. This is the first in a long time where the Golden State Warriors are no longer on top and projected to win the finals. Next year will be completely different when rookies are no longer rookies, and teams get even more firepower. It’s a completely new NBA era with teams we’ve never seen before.