Game Boy 2.0



Different Game Boy designs.

Logan Pei, Copy Editor and Staff Writer

If you have ever played video games, you most likely know what the Nintendo Game Boy is. It is one of the oldest gaming apparatuses and has been around since 1989. Soon, there will be another.

The Analogue Pocket is a modern spin on the Nintendo Game Boy. Analogue Pockets come in black and white and can play original games from Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. With its 1600 x 1440 display resolution, it overcompensates for the retro games. Logan Sohn, an eighth-grader at McAuliffe Middle School, stated, “the high resolution is useless since you are playing old, pixelated games.”

Unlike the original Game Boy, it is rechargeable and has a headphone jack. Also, it has a Micro SD card slot to store all your valuable game information. You can preorder this item on the Analogue Pocket website for $199.

When you buy a Pocket, you can also buy a separate stand called the Analogue Dock. It allows you to connect the game to your television, so you can play there. In addition, you can use Bluetooth to connect to a controller so you can play wirelessly. However, if you do not own a wireless controller, it has USB ports as well.

Nostalgia is also a huge factor in why people want the device. “The nostalgia is pretty cool,” agrees Amaya Russell. Lastly, it reminds people of when they were kids and brings them back to when life was simpler and easier.