Mario Kart Tour: The New Spinoff Racing Game


Racers compete for the highly sought after first place.

Ally Crosby, Staff Writer

A new racing mobile game has taken the gaming community by storm. Nintendo introduces Mario Kart Tour; a recently developed mobile racing game. The main goal is attempting to get to first place on a race track with seven other computer characters trying to achieve the same goal. With the wide selection of items involved, the racers will try to hinder each other to achieve first place. 

With three generic speeds available (the fourth being 200cc, which is unlockable through a Gold Pass) the players can choose which one to race at. This opts for different racing strategies. Players can choose to buy a Gold Pass, which unlocks unique items and features such as new racing modes and exclusive in-game items that grant players a competitive advantage. Some features were resurrected from other Mario Kart games, such as Mario Kart seven and eight. These features allow underwater racing and hang gliding through the air. “I think it’s a fun game,” seventh-grader Olivia Mlouk says. “I don’t play it often, but I think it’s a fun game in general.”

There is a revised version of a unique item per character, similar to Double Dash!!. Characters are allowed one special item that they can use during the race, each with different advantages and disadvantages. In each track, there will be a randomly selected featured character and if the player happens to be that character they are able to obtain item frenzies and/or three items per box. This gameplay is different than the traditional Mario Kart racing games, with some added features such as auto acceleration, only requiring players to steer, drift, and do tricks, earning points and grand stars in a race, and bonus challenges. Gabby Barrios states, “It’s just like the regular Mario Kart, but the controls are harder and it’s a little more competitive. It’s a very fun game to play with friends, though.”

Although this game isn’t exactly the traditional racing game, Mario Kart Tour contains different mechanics and gameplay that will appeal to a large percentage of gamers. While others may see this as a ‘pay to win’ game, as this is the most efficient way to succeed, others enjoy the newest installment of Mario Kart. Although this may not be the hyped Mario Kart 9, which will be released soon, many racers are enjoying the newest racing game with a unique twist.