Ultimate Intramurals


Payton Rofe

McAuliffe Middle School students playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Payton Rofe, Staff Writer & Copy Editor

Ultimate Frisbee has been a popular sport for many years. In fact, you can even play it at school. Many kids do it for PE, but others play it as an intramural sport because it’s fun and they want to compete.

The winners of each game get to advance while the losers are eliminated. To keep things fair, competitive games are separated by grade level. Isaiah Garcia states, “The games are very fair, and we all get an equal chance of winning.” One drawback in playing this as an intramural sport is that it’s played during lunch.

At McAuliffe, the way to earn a point in Ultimate Frisbee is for teammates to make successful passes to each other to get in the other team’s end zone. However, school rules are a little different than the professional way. For example, the fields are not seventy yards, we don’t substitute players, and we don’t keep track of fouls. 

If your team wins every game and is crowned champions, someone from your team will be given an intramural shirt. This encourages the teams to work their hardest and do their best while keeping the competition interesting for everyone. Alexandros Pelonis states, “Not only are the shirts great to wear, but they encourage us to try our best.’’

In conclusion, Ultimate Frisbee truly combines athleticism, intelligence, stamina, and strategy. It may seem like an easy sport, but it’s much harder than it looks. It’s really fun and everyone should give it a try.