XBOX Versus Playstation


Joshua Oluwagbemiga

XBOX controller.

Daniel Padilla, Staff Writer

XBOX and Playstation are two of the most popular gaming consoles out there, but there has always been a conflict between the two. People want to know which is better.

One question to consider is, are you able to access the same games on both consoles? The short answer is yes and no. More than half of the games are accessible on both consoles. There are some exclusive games that you can only play on one or the other. Games such as ROBLOX (XBOX), Halo 5 (XBOX), Cup Head (XBOX), and most of the Forza games are all exclusive XBOX games. Most of the bigger games such as Minecraft, FORTNITE, and any sports games, you are able to access on both.

Now let’s consider the recent updates these consoles have gone through. XBOX tends to update more often than Playstation. The last Playstation released was the PS4 Pro in 2016, which costs around $400. The Playstation 5 (PS5) is coming out in November of 2020, with a $100 increase in cost, bringing the retail price to $500. Now consider the XBOX. The last XBOX that came out was the XBOX One X, which was released in 2017 and cost $500. Microsoft states that in 2020, they will come out with an XBOX that has four times the power of the previous XBOX-One X and Microsoft calls it Project Scarlett. Rumor has it Project Scarlett will cost around $500. We will see about that next year. 

Now the big question…which one is better,  XBOX or Playstation? These are both great consoles and it’s up to all the gamers out there to decide. When asked which console is better, Leif McFerson, an experienced gamer, stated ‘’XBOX.’’ McFerson owns an XBOX One S. Another gamer Gavin Tan, was interviewed and also stated the same thing, “XBOX.”  

We got the vote from Mr. Grillo’s sixth period history class and these were the results. There were 31 students in the class and 19 Said XBOX while 7 voted for Playstation.

These are two good consoles and we have to remember that they are great for all gamers out there. If you are wondering which one to get, the answer is easy…get the one that your friends play on! Games are about having fun and you can increase the amount of fun by playing with your friends. 

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments because we all want to know which console you think is better.