The Birdwatch

  • Lexi & Chris Kyriakos. I hope to see you guys! Lexi, you are such a great friend! And Happy Autism Awareness Week Chris! -Yara Saadeh
  • To: Mrs Bergeron I just wanted to say what a great job you & admin team are doing for all of us. Keep going! From: Mrs Severin
  • To: Elena. Miss you so much Elena. Life is so dull without your happiness. -Jasmine
  • To: Mrs. Bergeron. Love your daily weather segment, keep it up! I won’t forget the Nick’s burrito for you next time!👍-Mrs.Edwards
  • To: Logan Tirpak Hey bro I know I´m late, but happy birthday. Hope you're having a good time in quarantine! From: Bryan White
  • To: Dana Kim Great Job From: Rachel Kim
  • To: Eva and Claire. I miss you so much!! From: Josie
  • To: Mrs.Vienna HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS.VIENNA :) Wish you a lovely day From: Kaylee
  • Mrs. Bergeron,Mrs. Vienna, Dr.Weiss-Wright,Mrs. Olmstead. Love your morning announcements.
  • You guys are so funny and a great start to my day.-Justin Garcia
  • Mrs. Vienna Happy birthday Mrs. Vienna, we hope you know how much you are loved and celebrated today!-Paige and Debbie Rodriguez
  • To: Aria Happy birthday Aria hope this one is one to remember and not jut because it was in social isolation. From: Bryn
  • To: Dr. Weiss-Wright. I miss you a lot. Have a good weekend! From: Bryan Rodriguez
  • To: Dr. Weiss-WrightThank you for being the light and for inspiring me to do well in school.
  • You are the best principal. From: Radames Gianmarco Mendoza
  • To: MC Independent Study Students. I miss seeing your smiling faces everyday!
  • Hope you are all staying safe and staying healthy! From: Mrs. Foremski
  • To: Ms. B Thank you to you and your staff for keeping the Birdwatch going. So appreciate all of you! From: Ms. Miller
  • To: Skyler MartinSend me a message so I can save your contact From: Bryan Rodriguez
  • To: To all my PE Class out thereI miss being outside with all of you and seeing you in action! Miss you Eagles! From: Mrs. Pagett
Lola Burke
Lola Burke is a seventh-grade student at McAuliffe Middle School. She aspires to be a successful artist and to have her art be known. She enjoys drawing comics in her free time, writing her own stories and her lovely cats Maddie and Toffee. If she would choose an ice cream to represent her, she'd choose strawberry. Simple but somewhat interesting. She would like to learn about writing and journalism more on her journey through 7th grade.

Lola Burke, Cartoonist

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Lola Burke